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We are excited to host our 5K Challenge and Mountain Bike Race!

We at Mount Pleasant are excited to offer The 5K Challenge and Mountain Bike Race!   The 5K is at 9:00 am and the bike is at 11:30!

The 5K will again be a challenging route with over 800 feet of vertical change.  The race will quickly ascend up the mountain, tour the top of the hill and descend down the mountain!  Our dedicated volunteers have worked tirelessly this summer to provide us over a mile of additional trails to utilize and we are pleased to announce that this route will feature no shared trails nor crossings as we have done in the past; it will be one complete loop!  Although it certainly will be a challenge, we encourage all participants, young and old!  

The Bike Race will be new and improved this season!  The course is a complete 6-mile loop that ascends the mountain, descends the backside of the mountain only to ascend again!  It will contain a variety of single track and open trails including descending the mountain underneath the chairlift (jumps included.)  If you have what it takes to do the loop once, why not twice or three times!!  As with the run race, the bike race will feature no sections of shared trail!

Please register soon!  The cut-off for a price increase is Thursday, SEPTEMBER 30th! In addition to registering, please help us by sharing this event with friends, family and others who may be interested in the event.   Those who support this race help us provided not just summer activities, but skiing and snowboarding as well.   All who register may practice on the hill prior to the event! 


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