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Skiing & Snowboarding Programs | Mount Pleasant of Edinboro

Mount Pleasant of Edinboro offers various programs to bring you the most enjoyable winter fun. We offer the SnoKids and SnoParents programs which all run for six weeks. Mount Pleasant also offers a six week After School program for schools looking for exciting extracurricular activities for students. By enrolling in one of our programs, you will also be given the opportunity to make friends and engage with others who share the love for snow sports. Challenge yourself and let our professional instructors show you the way with snow sports.

"These young men and woman are such wonderfully positive and nice people. My 4-year-old had never skied and at the end of week four was doing the big hill and at the end of week six was fist bumping my husband as he hopped off the ski lift! We are amazed at the skills my 8-year-old skier turn 1st-time snowboarder has acquired over the past six weeks. We HIGHLY recommend this six-week program to any parent considering it."  -Melisa Mauro, February 2016


SnoKids Program - Mount Pleasant of EdinboroSnoKids and Snoparents

Snokids will start on January 25th and 26th!  

Program Details: 

    • All age groups
    • All-day lift pass good on your day, all season.  Even after lessons are over!
    • Group Lesson - 1.5 hours
    • Ski and snowboard before and after your lesson!
    • Must register prior to DECEMBER 24TH to assue your spot.
    • A $10 late fee per registration will apply after January 1st.

Sessions: Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00AM, 12:00PM and 2:00PM

Price: $160.00 + $10 online registration fee.  (Print out and mail the form to avoid the online fee) 

Rentals: $47.17 + $2.83 tax for total of $50 for the entire 6 week session.

Snokids and Snoparents is the ideal way to break out of the dreary winter weather and enjoy the snow as a family!  The Snokids program uses games and props to promote an engaging learning environment for kids as young as 4 to help them learn to ski or snowboard.  

Parents can take lessons during their children's lesson time, beginning 15 minutes after the children start and ending 15 minutes before the children finish. Snoparents is a great way for parents to engage themselves with winter sports and start family ski/snowboard traditions!

We maintain an instructor to student ratio no greater than 4 to 1 for beginners to promote individual growth and mastery.   As a result, please register early.  We will cap all sessions at approximately 75 students. For more information and questions contact us here

These programs include a lift ticket and a group lesson. The target start date for all two programs is  January 25 and 26, 2020. There is an extra $50.00 fee for ski or snowboard rental. Pre-registration is highly suggested to reserve a spot, but participants may also register the first day of the program if space allows. Please arrive early to register.  Please register prior to DECEMBER 24TH or incur a $10 late fee per registration.  Registration may be done online, or by completing the downloadable form.  Forms may be mailed or dropped off at the lodge during open hours or in the "Blue Box." See the information below in regard to the "Blue Box." 

SnoKids and SnoParents program passes are accepted for the remainder of the season on the scheduled day and time once the program has been completed. Post six-week session does not include rentals. There are no refunds after registration and/or purchase of a SnoKids or SnoParents packages.

Questions about the program?  Don't hesitate to ask us here or email Casey Brown, the program director.


 After School and Ski Club Program

After school programs will start on Monday, January 20th, 2020

Program Details: 

  • Our After School program is our most affordable learn to ski program!
  • We welcome any group of at least ten participants
  • The program includes six weeks of one-hour lessons, rentals, and a lift ticket
  • School group passes are good for their designated nights for the entire season after the program begins
  • Your After School Pass turns in to a SEASON PASS after March 1st!
  • Group advisors receive FREE program passes based on the number of participants; contact us to see if your group participates 
  • This program is not just for students!  We encourage families (kids and adults) to join as well
  • Must register prior to DECEMBER 24TH to assue your spot.
  • A $10 late fee per registration will apply after January 1st.
  • Some registration times may close in order to preserve our student to instructor ratio!

Sessions: Monday through Saturday at 4:00, 5:15 and 6:30.  Also Included is a Friday Night 7:45 class.  

Price: $140.00 + $10 online registration fee.  (Print out and mail the form to avoid the online fee)   Rentals: Included!

Questions about the program?  Don't hesitate to ask us here or email Casey Brown, the weekend program director.

Registration may be done online, or by completing the downloadable form.  Forms may be mailed or dropped off at the lodge during open hours or in the "Blue Box." See the information below in regard to the "Blue Box." 

When registering, feel free to sign up for any of the time slots below that fits your schedule.  For example, if Monday at 4:00 - Union City works for you, please feel free to select that time slot, even though it says Union City.  You and your registrants will join their lesson times.  Spaces that say "Open" do not yet currently have an associated school group or club, and anyone may register for these time slots.  Also, keep in mind that if you attend Union City, but 4:00 doesn't work for you, you are free to join any available time slot!  Don't see your school and want to join?  Fill out the form below!

After School Program Schedule








10:00 - Snokids
12:00 - Snokids
2:00 - Snokids
4:00 - Edinboro University b
5:15 - Edinboro University b
6:30 - Edinboro University b
4:00 - Union City
4:00 - Area Home School
5:15 - Creating Landscapes
6:30 - Open
4:00 - Cambridge Springs
5:15 - MAMS a
5:15 - Cambridge Springs
6:30 - Cambridge Springs
4:00 - Saegertown
5:15 - Open
6:30 - Open
4:00 - Mckean Elem. 4th Graders (transportation provided)
4:00 - Parker Middle School a
5:15 - Open
6:30 - Edinboro and McKean Elementaries
4:00 - Parker Middle School
5:15 - Waterford Community
6:30 - Mill Village
6:30 - Open
7:45 - Open
10:00 - Snokids
12:00 - Snokids
2:00 - Snokids
4:00 - Conneaut Lake
4:00 - Northwestern
5:15 - Edinboro and McKean Elem. Schools
6:30 - Edinboro and McKean Elem. Schools

a Must register through their school.
b All Edinboro Students must sign up at the Climbing Gym on campus.


Edinboro University Ski Club

Starts Sunday, January 26th, 2020

Program Details: 

  • Includes 4 weeks of lessons, rentals and a pass that is good every Sunday after 4 pm starting on the 19th of January!  
  • Register at the climbing gym at the Pouge Center!
  • Just $20 for EUP students!

 The Blue Box

This season you may drop off your lesson registrations at the lodge at any time!  To the left of the main door is a blue lockbox.  Please feel free to drop off lesson registrations here!

 Want to form a group?

We are always looking to expand our After School Ski and Snowboard Program!  If your church, school, youth group, boy or girl scout troop, or any other organization would be interested in participating please fill out the form below!  Somebody will be in contact with you to discuss a program!  Depending on group size, the group advisor may receive a FREE season pass for their efforts.

School or Club Name: *
First Name: *
Last Name: *
Email: *
Phone Number: *
Day of the week you would like:
Number of Group Participants:
An approximate number is acceptable
Has your group skied or snowboarded elsewhere?:


Contact Mount Pleasant of Edinboro for more information about the programs offered.

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