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Tuning Shop | Mount Pleasant of Edinboro

Tuning Shop - Mount Pleasant of EdinboroPreseason Hours:

  • Tuesdays from 3 pm to 6 pm
  • Thursdays from 3 pm to 6 pm
  • Saturdays from 11 am to 3 pm

Quick Services

includes side edge sharpening, base cleaning and hot waxing.  Same Day  Services may or may not be available depending on the schedule of a rental technician.  Should this be available, it should take no more than one hour.

Drop-Off Tunes

Fine Tune: $45

    • includes side edge and base bevel sharpening, base cleaning, and hot waxing.  This is a drop-off service and is generally completed in on week or less. 

Heavy Tune / Rust Service: $65

    • includes all of the above with the addition of a base grind.  This should be used for skis that require heavy rust service or poor edges. 

Tuning Shop Extras

  • Snowboard Screws: $0.50 per screw
  • Stomp Pads: $5.00 - $10.00
  • Ladder Straps: $15.00 - long, $10.00 - short
  • Board Buckles: $10.00
  • Leashes: $12.00
  • P-Tex (ask ski tech for quote): $10.00 minimum - Repairs deep scratches in base material.
  • Binding Adjustment: $10 - Free

All of these may not be in stock.

Why Tune?

Tuning Shop - Mount Pleasant of Edinboro

Noone likes having equipment that's difficult to ride or is unsafe. Tuning and maintaining your equipment is important because it helps you use less energy while riding as well as decreases your risk of accidents. Professional edge grinding ensures uncompromising grip even in icy slope conditions. Dull, rounded edges or damage such as nicks or burrs will no longer allow your skis or snowboard to grip the snow which helps you carve your turns.

Worn edges can be particularly hard to ride on during firm or icy snow conditions. Using side edge tools can also quickly bring back that new ski feel with a few simple steps. The base edge can be sharpened at our repair shop to give you a proper bevel. Tuning your equipment creates a feeling on the slopes which you'll never want to be without again!

Why Wax?

Back in the early days when all skis had wood bases, skiers had no choice but to wax them regularly if they wanted to slide properly on snow. Along with the introduction of polyethylene bases (p-tex) came the assumption that skis no longer needed waxing. This was wrong because p-tex is a thirsty plastic that needs frequent wax feedings.

In no time at all, the number of skiers who waxed their skis flip-flopped from 97% who did, to 97% who didn't. That's pretty much where it remains today. Amazingly, only 3-4% of skiers or snowboarders bother to wax their equipment. The performance these folks lose because of this misunderstanding is significant. A waxed base is about 30% easier to turn, more durable and faster than an unwaxed base.

P-tex bases can easily lose their ability to absorb wax efficiently. The most common cause is simply neglecting to wax regularly. The high friction of snow acts like sandpaper to abrade the base, wear off wax and leave the p-tex dried out.

Take care of your passion, contact Mount Pleasant for more information about the tuning shop.

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